If you are over the chaos of “Grey’s Anatomy”, tired of the gossip from Blair and want something more interesting than Nick and Schmidt’s friendship, the next TV show you should binge-watch is “Prison Break”.

I, for one, never thought I could binge-watch a television show until I came across “Prison Break”. After I was done watching the TV show, I was going through some major denial. Why? Because its season 5 wasn’t due to hit the screens until 2017.

With the New Year just around the corner, “Prison Break” fans around the world, including me, of course, can finally rejoice as the long wait is finally coming to an end. Soon, we’ll get to see the characters we love again, doing what they do best.

One month, four seasons, 80 episodes and around 60 hours is all that it took for me to breathe and live “Prison Break”. Here we have discussed 5 reasons why you must definitely binge-watch “Prison Break” before its nine-episode mini-series is finally out:

1. It’s Intense

Prison Break

At times, “Prison Break” is so intense it needs its own distinct category. It made my heart race and as a result, I often found myself squeezing the pillow to my chest as if it would make the scene play out any faster.

2. It’s All About Family.

It’s All About Family

Ultimately, the show is all about family. It revolves around two brothers who fight for each other so that they, and their loved ones, get their freedom. The strong relationship between Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield drives “Prison Break” from the start and the momentum never shatters..

3. It’s Action-Packed Crime Drama

prison break Crime Drama

Although some seasons of “Prison Break” are more action-packed than others, you can expect to watch every episode wondering what’s going to happen next. You keep wanting more and more and more!

4. The Characters are the Story

prison break Story

The characters are what make this TV show worthwhile. So much so, that at some point, you will even be rooting for the worst characters. And how can we forget about the brotherhood that forges between Michael Schofield and (his cellmate) Fernando Sucre?

There are plenty of interesting twists throughout the course of “Prison Break”, and you will be surprised to know who may become allies with Michael and his companions down the road.

5. The Sara/Michael Relationship Story Line

prison break sara

Last, but not the least, this TV show does an exceptional job threading and weaving in a love story through each season. With so much going on in the show, Sara and Michael’s relationship gives you room to breathe a little and take a short break from all that intensity.

Pretty interesting, right? And with “Prison Break” season 5 almost here, you have a whole lot of binge-watching to do! Trust me when I say, you wouldn’t want to miss any more of the action than you already have. So, log on to Netflix, find “Prison Break” and enjoy.

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