In the wake of Donald Trump’s triumph in the Presidential Elections, former WWE wrestler and action star Dwayne ‘ The Rock ’ Johnson has expressed his desire to run for president in 2020. Wait a second, what?

Earlier this year in March, Johnson left open the possibility of a career in politics. With Donald Trump’s win, this has come back to light as Johnson feels “anything can happen”. Here are a few reasons why Johnson would make a great president, if he decides to run (fingers crossed!):

1. He’s Well- Loved


The highest paid actor of 2016, Johnson already has a passionate fan base that spans more than 130 countries across the world. So, the wrestler-cum-actor would not only be easily accepted by his extensive fan base, but also by people across the world with his ever-increasing popularity in recent years.

2. He’d Make a ‘Stronger’ Candidate


Okay, this pun was intentional. It’s, however, true that Johnson is overall a stronger person. He knows how to stay longer in front of crowds/on a stage, how to please the audience and not to mention, how to not piss others off!.

3. He’s Respectful


Never have I ever come across a story about Johnson being disrespectful to anyone.

He basically respects just about everyone, from military and athletes to fans and co-workers! This is a great trait to have, especially considering the fact that all the candidates this year showed disrespect to multiple people.

4. He’s a Hardworking Man


Just look at him! That kind of physique isn’t achieved by saying. “Okay, so if I give my 1100% today, I can take it easy and go 70% tomorrow!” Definitely not.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson goes hard every single day, and with his determination and hard work, he will make the nation fabulous.

5. He’s Someone Who Can Be Trusted


Not quite sure why, but it feels I can trust him with anything. Hard to explain it, but Johnson is a trustworthy individual. Just look at the face and smile, surely feels like this guy can never lie to anyone, and isn’t that’s what important to be a president of a nation as great as the US?

6. He’s Charitable


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for being charitable. He donated $1 million to the University of Miami, after which a locker room was named after him.

He has also shown support for various charities like Make-A Wish Foundation, I Have a Dream Foundation, Red Cross, Dwayne Johns Rock Foundation, Make the Difference Network, and Until There’s a Cure, among others.

7. A Movement Already Exists!


Yes, many people in the US want Johnson as the President. Many people have been trying to get the star’s attention and have been petitioning for a while now. Let’s face it, President Dwayne Johnson is coming soon.

So, can anyone smell what The Rock is cooking? Well, pretty sure I can, and it seems like his title might be changing to Mr. President in the future.



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