If you are a true film lover, you probably look forward to film festivals as they allow you to experience movies from different countries, genres and languages. Many films, especially independent ones, rely on film festivals to be shown to audiences around the world. Keeping this in mind, here we will take a close look at the top 6 most prestigious International film festivals that you really wouldn’t want to miss:

1. Venice Film Festival

Founded 1932, the Venice Film Festival is the oldest and one of the biggest film festivals in the world. If there’s any film festival you need to watch out for, it’s THIS. Lion of the Future, Golden Lion, Jarger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award, Silver Lion, among others, are some of the awards given out by this prestigious film festival.

2. Toronto Film Festival

The Toronto Film Festival has grown to become a prestigious film event over the years. Founded in 1976, some of the awards that it presents include the Best Canadian Feature Film award and the People’s Choice award.  Founded by Dusty Cohl, Henk van der Kolk and William Marshall, it was initially known as “The Festivals of Festivals”.

3. Annecy International Animated Film Festival

When it comes to animated films, the Annecy International Animated Film Festival is one of the biggest film events. Founded in 1960, the film festival is held in Annecy, France. In its initial years, the festival used to take place after every two years. However, it became an annual event from 1998 onwards. One of the best things about this festival is that it displays several techniques of animated films.

4. Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most well known film festivals out there. Founded in the late 1930s, it’s widely publicized around the world and generates considerable amount of public interest and media hype. Queer Palm, Palme d’Or, Prix Vulcain, Grand Prix and Caméra d’Or are some famous awards given out by the Cannes Film Festival.

5. Sundance Film Festival

Founded in 1978, the Sundance Film Festival is recognized as one of the largest international film festivals in the U.S. The festival is held annually in Utah, and displays both American and foreign independent films. Various competitions are also conducted for feature films, short films, documentary films, etc. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the voice of independent filmmakers. After all, if it weren’t for this festival, some popular independent films would have never been otherwise seen or heard.

6. Berlin International Film Festival

One of the most famous film festivals around the world, the Berlin International Film Festival was founded in 1951. It takes place in Berlin, Germany, and holds the distinction of being the largest publicly attended film festival in history. The Silver Bear and the Golden Bear are the famous awards given by this festival. Also known as Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival was held annually from 1978 onwards.


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