Even after twenty years of the movie being released and watching Rose and Jack fall in love on the RMS Titanic, the film proves to be one of the best creations in cinematic history that we just can’t seem to forget. Director James Cameron wanted the movie to be true to reality and that’s exactly what he created. Released in 1997, the “Titanic (film)” depicts the real-life incidents of one of the biggest ships built in the history of humankind. Below are some mind-blowing facts about the movie that you probably didn’t know or heard of:

It’s the Most Expensive Film of the 20th Century

Almost $200 million was spent on the production of the film, Titanic. With several films as Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince did have higher budgets 5 years later, it was a record-breaking budget for any film at that time. That’s ’97 dollars in $200 million, not increased for inflation. At that time, it was massively over budget. However, at the box office the movie successfully managed to generate $2.187 billion. It is said that four RMS Titanic ships can be made with the budget the actual film made.

Leo and Kate Was Not the First Choices for Jack and Rose

Although it’s hard to imagine anyone else featuring Titanic now, just like most hit films, Leo and Kate were not the FIRST choices for Jack and Rose. The 20th Century Fox demanded that Tom Cruise be given the role for the lead. However, James Cameron insisted on taking Leonardo DiCaprio for the role of Jack. In addition, there is no doubt that his choice was excellent. Similarly, it could have been Gwenyth Paltrow playing the role of Rose, but it was edged out by Kate Winslet who literally managed to kill the role. Could you imagine Titanic being a hit, if Leo and Kate weren’t the selected actors?

Kate Winslet Got Pneumonia on Set

While majority of the post-sinking and sinking scenes were shot in a warm, enormous pool (hard to believe right?), many of the cast members still wore wetsuits in order to keep themselves comfortable and relaxed for the acting. Kate Winslet, however, didn’t want to wear a jump suit – as she wanted to display originality in her acting. Some of her scenes were even shot in the frigid water of the Pacific Ocean, yet she chose not to wear a wetsuit. Her natural reaction to the freezing temperature can be seen when she gasps audibly upon getting into the water, as soon as she ship starts to sink and she goes to find Jack. The water was extremely cold, which resulted in Kate actually getting pneumonia (and forcing her to quite production). Cameron, however, persuaded her (luckily) to finish filming.

Other Facts about the Titanic Movie

  • It was actually James Cameron, who made the sketch of Kate Winslet in the famous nude scene, along with all the other sketches in Jack Dawson’s portfolio.
  • Leo was incredibly nervous about the nude scene, as it was the first scene shot in the movie. His nervous reaction made him forget his lines, which was used in the final cut of the movie.
  • The spitting scene of Rose and Jack was almost entirely ad-libbed. The same goes for the scene where Kate Winslet spits on Billy Zane’s face. She actually had to stick him with a hairpin.


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