If you’re getting bored of the movies being released nowadays, but haven’t watched some classics the cinematic industry has offered to you – it’s time you watch some amazing movies that you should have on your list of “watch before you die”. These are the kind of films that you can’t forget, as they were just plain phenomenal, groundbreaking, and memorable. They’re the kind of films that you will show your kids and tell how it affected you. Is the suspense getting to you? Well, here’s the list of 10 extraordinary movies you should watch before dying.

1.      Fight Club (1999)

Making an impression as the ultimate “guy movie”, Fight Club is a classic that features Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Together, these two men build a global organization for people to vent out their frustration and anger. A famous quote from the movie is, “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time”.

2.      The Godfather Trilogy

This trilogy is definitely a must-watch. It takes you into a gangster world through the combined brilliance of Mario Puzo, Ford Coppola, and Al Pacino. A star quote from the movie still used commonly: “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

3.      The Terminator Series

A series way ahead of its time, featuring none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger is definitely a must-watch. The parts directed James Cameron were a hit. The quote “I’ll be back” in Arnold’s robotic accent is so iconic, it’s known by everyone around the world.

4.      Star Wars Series

This goes without saying that Star Wars is an amazing series to watch before you die. It was the first movie of its kind to use special effects, costume designs, sets, and stellar props with a compelling story. A star quote of the movie is “May the Force be with you”.

5.      Titanic

Titanic is a target, yet so endearing movie with a love story that brings most to tears. Featuring the beautiful Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, it is one of the top grossing films in the U.S. A famous quote from the movie: “You Jump. I Jump remember?”

6.      GoodFellas

Produced by Martin Scorsese, GoodFellas discusses the life of a gangster. It is considered a benchmark of the 90s and is hugely lauded in various events and award ceremonies. Star Quote: “Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut”

7.      Apocalypse Now

Rated by many as the best war movie ever made, the adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Novel, “Apocalypse Now” is truly a “vision of hell”. Star quote: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”.

8.      Saving Private Ryan

Do you really need a reason to watch a film starring Tom Hanks and directed by Steven Spielberg? Star quote: “For every man I kill, the farther away from home I feel”.

9.      Raging Bull

The story of a temperamental boxer played by Robert De Niro, Raging Bull is an exceptional movie that shows us the affect temper can have on one’s personal life. Star quote: “I don’t go down for nobody”

10. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

If you haven’t read the book, you probably don’t know the significance of this movie. Featuring Jack Nicholson who is an amazing actor, the film leaves a great impact on the viewers. Star Quote: “Which one of you nuts has got any guts?”


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