When you’re searching for entertaining movies to watch that grab your interest right from the beginning, you may come across a few misleading trailers that may force you into believing a particular movie is good, when in reality its quite shit. Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of worst performing movies. Funnily enough, some movies most people haven’t even heard of (for a good reason of course!). To ensure you don’t end up wasting your time and money, watch out for these flop films:

Zoolander 2

As the name implies, the movie is a sequel to Ben Stiller’s useless satire fashion film, Zoolander. While it did generate a little interest from a target audience, majority of Zoolander 2 viewers found the movie to be utterly boring with nothing seemingly comedic or hilarious. It seems as if the whole movie was a drag, just like the endless Madagascar and Night at the Museum series (which were better left alone after the first release). Unless you’ve watched all movies ever to be released (quite impossible), it is advised to not waste your time and money on watching Zoolander 2. You will dread it!

Miracles from Heaven

To be honest, the movie would have been a hit, if it were named “Miracles from Hell” because that’s exactly what most felt. Stretched across nearly two hours, the movie tells a story that could have adequately been laid out in 30-minutes. While many found the movie to be a great glimpse of reality and religion, it contains an insulting message that everything will be fine (even if you are dying), as long as you pray hard to Jesus Christ and no one else (that’s like saying, “Piss off doctors, I’m going to pray for better health. I don’t need any medication. Praying is my medicine”).


Directed by William Monahan (who penned the screenplay for Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed”), Mojave is a failed attempt at movie-making with a storyline that doesn’t exactly add up. This makes us wonder whether they are two William Monahan’s in the showbiz with one trying to ruin the name for the sake of a paycheck. The use of “thriller” doesn’t exactly apply to this utter piece of genre deconstruction. We expected better from Mark Wahlberg, Oscar Isaac, and Walton Goggins.


The movie story goes something like this: Cute boy wakes up alone on a spaceship (woo), gets bored, meets a girl in her hibernation pod, and wakes her up not to feel lonely. Girl gets very mad at the cute boy. Girl then forgives cute boy. As the movie continues, contrivances push them closer together, blah blah blah, they fall in love. Happy ending. Yay! The movie would have been better, if it didn’t follow an incredibly predictable storyline.

So, if you don’t want to end up face palming yourself until you hit the floor real bad, it would be wise of you never to waste your time and money on the abovementioned movies. They are toxic for your health and cinematic taste.


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