Have you ever wondered what your four-legged, loveable members of family do when you leave for school or work? Probably not, but the new whimsical film “Secret Life of Pets” directed by the folks behind “Despicable Me” let you in on a little secret on what your pets are up to in your absence. The answer is sometimes a bit sad, but at the same time wonderfully entertaining, delightful and hilarious.

The movie shares a tale of a group of pets living in the infamous New York City. With brighter colors, better sounds, and amazing graphics, it appeals to the young kids and anyone who owns a pet. Unlike other animated movies, “The Secret Life of Pets” also shares an emotional heft that might never make you leave your pets alone again. Just like a Pixar film, you may tear up at some moments, especially if you’re a pet owner.

Leading the pack of the “Secret Life” is the loveable and scruffy Max. While his other pet friends are seen getting mixer massages, eating whole turkeys, jamming to heavy metal and performing all sorts of fun and exciting things when the door closes, Max waits the entire day in front of the door for his owner to return and spend time with him. One sad day though, Katie brings home another dog named, Duke.

Duke is an abandoned St. Bernard-esque mutt who is thrice the size of Max. He instantly begins to take Max place, which bothers him tremendously. Their clash and miscommunications lead to both Duke and Max getting lost in New York City. Without their tags, life gets tremendously dangerous as they are chased by dogcatchers, who plan on caging the two creatures. As the movie continues in a hilarious montage, it reveals important lessons that can change your perspective about life.

The first of these lessons is whenever you start a fight; you only increase your chances of losing. Duke and Max were fighting with each other right from the beginning. Max was jealous of his owner bringing home a new dog and responded with arrogance and blackmail. Duke being an animal with feelings retaliated. Soon enough, the two end up in an animal control truck. This can be a lesson for kids who fight at home and adults too. Evaluate how you can better handle conflict; otherwise fighting will only lead to unnecessary problems, confusions, and anger.

The second lesson is to “forgive and forget”. There is no doubt that all disagreements and divisions can be avoided, if humans were more forgiving. In our sin-filled world, we are bound to make mistakes. However, this doesn’t mean you react harshly, if an “enemy” does something bad to you. When Duke and Max work together, they learn to forgive. This allowed them to become the best of friends at the end of the movie. People nowadays can definitely learn from this.

The third lesson that can change your perspective about life is that even bad people can turn good sometimes. Some people have had it rough just like the movie’s villain, Snowball. The violent little rabbit was abandoned by his owner, resulting in hurt. This forced him on resenting humans. Even though he hated “domesticated” animals, by the end of the movie he partners with Max and embraces becoming a pet of a cute little girl. Love conquers evil and hate.


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