The world’s most-anticipated event took place yesterday (February 26, 2017), which seemed to blow everyone’s minds away. Assuming you aren’t living under a rock, we are talking about the beloved and overrated Oscars/Academy Awards. The award ceremony took quite the amazing start with host Jimmy Kimmel using his amazing sense of humor and comedy to lighten up the show and reduce the tension of who wins the Best Blah Blah award.

If you haven’t already guessed it out, this article definitely does not speak highly of the Oscars. In fact, we will prove to you that Oscars is indeed irrelevant for every true film lover and everything from the massive tents and red carpet laying is a bunch of crap that doesn’t matter. While we do support the notion of directors, producers, and actors being rewarded for their hard work and efforts to give remarkable and entertaining performances, we disapprove over the “Best” choices.

Through years of decline, Oscars has become virtually worthless. They are overblown, overly politicized commercials for DVD releases and fashion. Why? Because those who truly deserve to win, never do. There’s just too much predictability and politics. Most importantly, there are too many rich white dudes running the Oscars who care nothing more than gaining huge profit margins.  Nobody truly appreciates movies for what they really are or what they show.

If you’re an actor or actress with any amount of fame playing a famous person, disabled, or terminally ill, you get an Oscar. If you are famous director who is known for producing hardcore action movies with great destruction, well hello another Oscar. Meh… it’s just too common. The results are too common. This year was perhaps a little different with Moonlight winning the “Best Picture” award. However, if you look at past examples, you can tell Oscars doesn’t really value new ideas.

Everything is redundant. Awards are given to the same repeated scripts and ideas that have been tuned countless of times to create something new, which utterly disappoints – but just because of excellent marketing – manages to generate quite the amazing attention. So, while we aren’t exactly saying the Oscars sucks big time, we would like to say their taste is unchanging. The awards are supposed to credit excellent performances and scripts, which sadly, in reality, go unnoticed.

Therefore, if you are a true lover of the cinematic universe who likes exploring the various genres and experimenting with different tastes, then don’t trust the opinion of the Academy Awards. Don’t trust the critics either. Majority of the times a good movie is only put down, because they are paid to put it down. Why? So that another movie that isn’t that deserving gets into the spotlight of the audience. A true movie lover doesn’t let others opinion affect theirs.

If you consider yourself a true movie lover, don’t base your opinions on others, especially the Oscars. Analyze each movie by giving it a watch. What may appeal to you, may not appeal to others.


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