The American film industry is famous for hiring the same ol’ popular actresses you get to see in every other movie. This biasness has led to some actresses simply not getting enough respect, credit, and recognition they deserve. These are those gems of Hollywood, who are overlooked even if they proved to be a true star in a particular movie. This article is aimed to spread awareness of five great actresses currently working in the showbiz who have amazing talent, yet don’t get the fame they deserve.

1.      Camilla Belle

camilla belle

Recognized for her petite figure, pulpy lips, and attractive smile, Camilla Bella is a Hollywood starlet, who hasn’t yet been able to gather the attention, reputation and fame she deserves for her on-screen roles and action. Many of us have actually seen her performing even without realizing it. She played a small role in Jurassic Park in 1997. Since then, she has starred in plenty of hit movies, which include Push, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, and When a Stranger Calls. She also dated Nick Jonas, which put her into the spotlight for a short while, until her relationship with him ended.

2.      Rachel McAdams

rachel Mcdam

Although she’s starred in tons of television shows and movies, Rachel McAdams proves to be one of the most underrated actresses of Hollywood. It’s almost as if the cinematic universe has forgotten about her. Her career skyrocketed after her amazing role in Mean Girls as Regina George. Later, she was a part of another hit movie, probably one of the best romantic films to ever come out, The Notebook. Since then, she has also done plenty of comedy movies to grab on-screen attention. Even despite her incredibly hot looks and attractive smile, she is just plain underrated.

3.      Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

With her raspy, unique voice and classic beauty, Sophia Bush has quite the fan following. Her career began from the movie Van Wilder: Party Liaison, in which she has an intimate scene with the famous Ryan Reynolds. Since then, she developed quite the fame by playing the role of Brooke Davis in the American Television Drama series One Tree Hill. She was even married to co-star Chad Michael Murray for five months, but as of late, she has completely disappeared from the Hollywood scene. This is quite disappointing, as the actress has amazing talent just waiting to explode.

4.      Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan is a jaw-dropping beautiful actress, who hasn’t been able to get enough roles in the Hollywood film industry. Not only can she take on any role perfectly, but also anybody who follows The Walking Dead can tell you that she has plenty of talent. We desperately want to see her taking on more hit shows and movies in the future, as Lauren’s amazing acting skills are definitely worth a huge audience.

5.      Elisha Cuthbert

elisha_cuthbert-wallpaper-1920x1200 (1)

Known for playing the “hot chick” type of roles, Elisha Cuthbert was quite the sex symbol in the past.  Her movie “The Girl Next Door” led to quite the amazing fan following, but she definitely deserves more screen time in more meaningful roles. She is gorgeous, jaw-droppingly attractive, and has a very sexy voice. You can see her amazing performances in The House of Wax, The Quiet and Captivity, and the Happy Endings TV series.


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