Why Does Jennifer Lawrence Always Play The Same Role In Every Film?


There is no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actor, who goes the extra mile in every film she stars. Her beautiful smile, gorgeous looks, and genuine acting skills set her apart from the crowd. As a person, she isn’t afraid to share her views about relevant and topical issues. At the same time, she has a laugh-till-you cry hilarious personality, which lights up the road within seconds. With all these characteristics, she definitely proves to be the sweetheart of American Television.

Jennifer Lawrence

However, we have just one question for the amazing actor: Why does she keep playing the same role in every film? In “American Hustle”, “Silver Linings Playbook”, and “Joy”, all of which are directed by the one and only David O. Russell, the 25 year old actress has a weird habit of playing jaded thirty or forty year old character. Although the age of the characters she plays isn’t specified, it is rather clear that she is much younger than the characters she plays.

Jennifer Lawrence

For instance, in the black comedy-crime film “American Hustle (2013)”, she plays the role of a mother and homemaker, who is married to a con artist played by the 41-year-old versatile actor, Christian Bale. At the same time, she has an affair with a character played by Jack Huston. Although the age of her character in the movie is unspecified, Rosalyn Rosenfield is based on Cynthia Weinberg, who at the time of the film’s events was actually in her late 40s.

In the movie Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence plays the character Tiffany, who is an unemployed, angry widow whose husband died three years ago. When Lawrence took on the role for the movie, she was only 21. However, the novel of the same name on which the film is based on, Tiffany is actually a 39-year-old. The age difference is of course visible, as Lawrence looks quite young by looks and overall appearance.

Jennifer Lawrence

The same goes for the recent Joy (2015) movie, which tells the story of the famous Joy Mangano – a strong and determined lady who goes from a struggling mother of three to a multimillionaire after she invents the successful Miracle Mop. In the real story, Joy Mangano was actually only 33 years old when she created the Miracle Mop. This movie takes place after the invention and yet again, Bradley Cooper stars opposite her, who stated once in an interview that he would never be able to date Jennifer, as he could literally be like her father.

Jennifer Lawrence

By these acting habits, it’s clear that Jennifer Lawrence has quite the interest in playing roles of older women twice her age. While we aren’t saying it’s a coincidence and playing an older character by a young actress is wrong, we would like seeing a change in Jennifer’s acting career. So far, you can only see the actress being the “Hero” in every film. In the “X-Men Series”, she plays the character Mystique and always tends to save everything from falling apart.  The same can be said about “The Hunger Game Series”, where Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer) proves to be badass at everything.


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