We have all been big fans of the X-Men (film series) ever since its inception – thanks to its badass graphics, excellent mutant costumes, and remarkable storyline. However, it seems like the movie is now losing its tight hold on fans, as the confusion between different storylines has increased drastically. X-Men: Apocalypse was supposed to solve the queries many fans had about previous movies. However, as its position as a soft reboot of the franchise, a final film in a trilogy, and six films in the long-running franchise, the movie has only led to more unanswered questions. These include:

When Will Erik Lehnsherr Stop Getting Free Passes?

In the X-Men film series, Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) has repeatedly proved to cause problems for the mutants. He is not only the bane of humanity, but also the ultimate villain of the X-Men who has no solid, legitimate reason to exist anymore. While it is true that the chemistry of Professor X and Magneto is one that will always remain, the Apocalypse has caused another round of philosophical debate as to why Magneto continues to be the villain. When will he stop getting a free pass for all the destruction he causes?

How Will The World Ever Accept Mutants Now?

While the mutant heroes may treat Erik with undue sympathy, you can bet that the humankind will definitely be terrified of his actions. In First Class, he tried to bomb the military. Later he was locked up for allegedly killing JFK. In Days of Future Past, he tried to turn the Sentinels against humanity and assassinate the US cabinet. In Apocalypse, once again he becomes a part of evil and causes great destruction killing many. With so many wrong doings, how will humans ever accept mutants? We also forgot to add that Charles transmitted a death threat to the entire humanity while being controlled by Apocalypse. Yes… the humans will take all this lightly.

Is This It For The Marquee Trio?

When the Apocalypse ended, many wondered whether it was the last they would be seeing James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Fassbender again in the series. For now, there is no doubt that Lawrence won’t be continuing any X-Men Films. Two years ago, she went on record saying that X-Men Apocalypse would be her last go in the X-Universe. James McAvoy is a little excited about taking on future roles in the series. However, Fassbender is entirely bored with his role. Therefore, it isn’t quite sure what to make of the Marquee Trio.

How Did Wolverine End Up with Stryker?

Sigh… the timeline of X-Men is very complicated. At the ending of Days of Future past, we see Wolverine being pulled out from the water by none other than his nemesis William Stryker. However, it was soon revealed that Stryker was in fact Mystique in disguise. Later in the Apocalypse, we find Logan captured by Stryker again and being released by the young X-Men. There are plenty of theories about how Wolverine ended up with Stryker again. None of which are rather clear though.


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