As a pet owner of a dog, I tend to be rather emotional and sensitive. Be that is it may, but I like the way I am. My pet has taught me how to love, communicate, and understand. And, I’m sure all of you pet owners will agree with me. There’s no doubt that pets are our closest buddies who bring loads of happiness and laugher around us. Just a little love and care, and these four-legged creatures will give you all the cheerfulness you will ever need in the world.

This is why when we wish protection for them; we must do whatever is necessary to guard them. This involves guarding them from horrific movies that are definitely not watchable! While it may sound weird at first, “How can dogs or cats understand movies?” Recent studies has revealed that even though these beloved animals have limited ability to see full-range colors, they can adept at detecting movement and focus on the edges and outlines of people they’re watching on screen.

Combine that with their exceptional hearing capabilities, they have the capability of feeling emotions when watching a movie. I know it, because I can observe my dog’s behavior when watching a movie. He senses the excitement, joy, and laughter. At the same time, he can also sense the sadness, gloom, and sorrow. So, this article while discuss the movies you should never watch with your dog or cat to protect them and YOU. Why? Because these movies will make you want to bring tissues and have an episode of Friends ready at the end of them:

I Am Legend

Will Smith is the only member of his family and city to survive the Krippin Virus outbreak. Yet somehow, he has his dog, Samantha – who he loves and adores. They sleep together in a bathtub, go on hunts together, and prove to be best friends, until…. She gets bitten by a zombie, despite his attempts to save her, Samantha turns, and tries biting him. Smith ends up strangling his lovey dovey doggy. WHYYY? How can the directors be so heartless! I couldn’t emotionally prepare myself, how can I expect my pet dog to watch this movie? No way!

John Wick

This one really breaks my heart and yes, it involves another dog getting killed! WHAT IS IT WITH THESE DIRECTORS KILLING DOGS? Can’t a guy watch a movie in peace with his pet dog or cat? Imagine what these little creatures must feel! Sorry about that… couldn’t control my emotions. While John gets his revenge on those cruel mobsters who killed his dog, it’s just too sad for anyone to watch this movie with his/her pet.

Secret Window

Sigh… those who have seen this movie probably already knows what happens. A DOG GETS KILLED BY A SCREWDRIVER! This is a big no to watch with your pet. Johnny Depp, you are a cruel person for having agreed to star in this movie! The dog was barely around you, and then it was dead. He deserved way better!

Stop trying to make my pet cry and me, cruel movie industry! If a pet is really benefiting your film, great. Nevertheless, if you just want to add an animal to kill them in a crazy, obscene manner, shame on you!


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