When it comes to love, Disney goes to a completely new level. Almost all the Disney movies and cartoons have given young girls unrealistic expectations for the various aspects of life. Firstly, most of the Disney movies’ main character is a young, amazingly attractive poor girl who falls in love with a wealthy, handsome prince and dreams about marrying him. However, the happy ending is when dream comes true.

girl must watch disney movies

When young girls watch such movies, they generate an idea that something, more or less, similar would happen to them. So instead of giving other regular and completely normal boys a chance, most girls’ waste time waiting for the perfect Prince Charming to come in their lives and marry them. Girls tend to believe that no matter what happens, they will find the love of their life or the love of their life would find them without making any moves.

Girls nowadays have very high standards when it comes to their love. They need a Disney-like love life where a prince with attractive looks, manly voice and a kind heart takes their hand and fights the world for them to spend the rest of his life with them happily married. What girls do not seem to understand is the fact along with the males’ efforts, the females are always dressed up to impress and there are situations where the girls talk to animals and have weird families too.

Girls have to understand the fact that real life relationships are much more different from the ones Disney has shown. Real ones do not involve castles, talking animals, knights, God knows what kind of magic apples and creepy mirrors. The list can go on and on. Real relationships require two people to fully understand each other, spend a lot of time together or at least plan their wedding.

Beauty and The Beast

In Beauty and The Beast, one of the most famous Disney movies, the main character Belle is a fine young girl who falls in love with a beast who is very short-tempered, rude and has anger management issues. Instead of sorting out certain things first like solving his anger issue, she marries him hoping he would change after marriage. This shows that expecting a person to completely change himself suddenly is not very realistic.

While we get to see some certain cases where two people actually get married after a couple of dates, most of the marriages do not end very well.  Therefore, this is something girls should learn and understand as soon as possible before experiencing a bad marriage or relationship. Instead of relying completely on men, like the Disney princesses, girls should follow their passions and make a career for themselves. The fast life nowadays with day-by-day rising prices makes it very difficult for men to take financial responsibilities for others because not every guy is rich enough to ride horses while his personal guards make way for him.


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