As the technology has advanced, almost everything has changed or been upgraded I would say. And film making is one those many things that has been completely changed because of the modern day tech. Take the example of the King Kong 2005 for instance. See how different it is from the original version released in 1993. The new King Kong, with the help of GCI makes the beast look like as if it were real. Even the sound tracks and quality appears to be so realistic and natural.

Film making is made better and much more different now not just because of the advanced cameras but also because of newer techniques and tricks which keep the audience indulged in the movies. Using more motion is one of the many important ways which changed the industry. The movies today have much more action and much violent story lines than older movies.

This helps the frame to switch every now and then hence making the audience take more interest in the movies. The motion used to shoot changes has proved to be an important way to keep the viewers engaged. Filmmakers have used various research and studies about the connection between movies and the audience. The shots are made much shorter than those in older movies and this is why the 2010 King Kong has 3,099 shots which were combined to complete the movie.

Another way used by film makers to make their movies better and much different from older movies is using different patterns of shots. This helps create a realistic effect in the movie as the natural human reflexes are captured and shown. This also helps give a wider and clearer view. Old movies did not focus on such things and this is exactly why people could not maintain their interest in the movies. And how could they? Anyone can get bored watching the same view for longer periods. The creative use of lights has also helped films evolve over the years.

The increased use of 3D movies has also changed movie making. Well, 3D technology is not new. It existed previously as well but could not hit success worldwide and was considered a fail attempt to improve movies. It was not until Avatar was released in 3D that people started loving 3D movies.

The new target markets also affected the industry. To make sure people of all age groups were entertained, the story lines of movies were written and the films were shot accordingly. Now movies based on incidents, legends, politics are made. Each type of movie has to be shot very distinctively.

Movies are no more a couple of moving pictures. They are now a new form of art that is enjoyed by almost everyone. But as you see technology bringing newer and more advanced things to you, film making is not completely revolutionized. In fact, it might never be completely revolutionized, as it keep on getting better and better.


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