Most of the Disney movies tend to focus on the main characters and, their problems and love life. However, the upbringing, which is a very important part too is either not shown or very compressed. Therefore, the role of a mother is highly neglected. Many Disney movies have characters, which either have lost their mothers or did not have one from the beginning.
Therefore, whenever we sit down on our beanbags with popcorn and drinks to watch a Disney movie, we know we will be watching someone who has been raised up either by a stranger, an evil warlord or animals. We rarely see a Disney movie where the main character, as a child, has been raised by his or her mother.

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It is just a Disney thing not to mention about the main characters’ mothers or even if they do, not much screen time is allotted to them. After doing a research, I was shocked to see exactly how many Disney movies did not have a mother – stepmothers do not count as most of the time they were depicted either as evil stepmoms who did not want the child to see the world or use their magical powers to impress the world.

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Snow White and Cinderella, one of the most famous Disney characters, also did not have a mother. However, their storylines do mention about their mothers who died. Both the princesses had a stepmom and that too an evil one. On the hand, many Disney movies did not mention about the main character’s mother.
Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Beauty and The Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Rescuers and The Swords and The Stone did not mention about the mother anywhere in the whole movie. Luckily, Tarzan and Bambi are one of those movies in which there is a mother (who dies).

Snow White and Cinderella
When asked about the noticeable issue, we found out about a couple of reasons why Disney movies neglect the role of a mother. Usually the movies are about 80-90 minutes long so adding an additional character, especially like that of a mother’s, would add a lot to the total duration of the movie. This might be one of the reasons why a mother’s role is either not included or made very short. This also helps make the character’s upbringing very short.
On the other hand, it is reported that Walt Disney did not like to include a mother’s role in his movies as he had lost his mother in a tragic accident for which he thinks he was responsible.
A study also suggests that Disney movies often do not show a mother or leaves the child completely alone without a parent to convey a message that even without parental guidance, one can survive and achieve his or her goals. Disney wants to let children and even adults know that those without parents should not be underestimated as they also have the ability and courage just like those children who have parents.

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