Disney movies have a very long lasting effect on our lives as we watch them as we grow up. The formative years of our lives are filled with Disney movies hence we accept and believe in the unrealistic love stories that these movies show. We absorb all the information from these movies and think that the real world works in the same way.

Popular and Forgotten Disney Princesses
While Disney movies teach us many good things like courage and the fact that no matter what happens if we stay on the right path good things will happen to us, most of the Disney movies also give very wrong messages which are much more than unethical and unrealistic.
Many movies show us that love is the most important thing and can happen in ways one cannot imagine. True. It is a good thing, helps us live a happy life but one thing that irritates me the most is the fact that Disney only focuses on love and nothing else. And makes sure very unrealistic love stories are shown. What happens is when young children especially young girls watch such movies, they start believing that outer beauty is the one thing they should definitely have in order to attract a handsome and rich man who would come in their lives a prince and take them away. But this is not how it works.

Stereotypes and Disney Movies
One of the most famous Disney movies, The Beauty and The Beast, while giving good messages also gives a very shocking message. In the movie, Belle marries the Beast hoping his short-tempered behavior would improve and a completely changed man would he become. I would never recommend this to any girl because in the real world, doing such a thing could result in bad marriages.
Snow White, on the other hand, gives some more weird messages, which has helped create gender stereotypes. Snow White, the main character, is shown to be a young and beautiful girl whose life is all about cooking and cleaning for seven male dwarfs. This supports the stereotype that women should be responsible for domestic work. Another bad example this movie sets is that Snow White only uses her beauty to attract the Prince who falls in love with her and rescues her from the witch. This also gives a very wrong message to young boys as it is shown that only outer beauty is to be given the most importance and since girls are stupid enough to accept poisonous apples from a stranger in the middle of a forest, boys should get them rescued.
Most Disney princesses are shown to be unrealistically in shape. This sets limitations to body types as skinny, extremely sharp features, tall, fair girls get to marry a Prince while fat, dark, and unappealing characters are made villains. This tells young girls that no matter what, keeping your make-up on and maintaining shape is the most important thing.


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