Famous Antagonists in Disney Movies:

A lot of things had to be brought together and combined to make Disney movies great. It is not just the songs, protagonists, story but also the role of antagonists that sets Disney movies apart. It is also said that a story can only be as good as its antagonists and that is why all the Disney movies come with villains and their sinister plans.

Villains Antagonists in Disney Movies
Villains have proved to be one of the most important characters in a Disney movie as without them there would be nothing the heroes would have to fight for. Villains have been also our favorite as their unforgettable roles make the movies much more interesting. In fact, some people tend to love the villains more than the princesses or other heroic characters and they have legit reasons for that.
The protagonists then and the protagonists in the modern Disney movies have more or less the same purpose and that is to stop the main character from living a happy and wealthy life. They can be seen in almost all the movies being jealous of the main character and therefore misguide them on purpose so that they can ruin their lives. However, things get a bit more spiced up when a hero or a prince comes from nowhere to save the main character from the villain. Some of the most beloved Disney villains of all time are as follows:
Lady Tremaine from Cinderella

Lady Tremaine
Lady Tremaine is one of the most sinister villains of all time and maybe that is why I am going to tell you about her first. She makes her stepdaughter, Cinderella, do all the domestic work while spoiling her own daughters. She takes full advantage of the young girl as she makes her do all the work around the house. Lady Tremaine is also seen abusing Cinderella. Tremaine is jealous of the fact that Cinderella is much more attractive than her own daughter so in order to keep her away from the prince, she kidnaps her and sends her daughters instead.

Jafar from Aladdin

Jafar from Aladdin
Jafar is one the most outstanding villains of all time as to achieve his goal of becoming the most powerful human, he does whatever he can. Not only he uses his evil ideas to misguide the leader of the Agrabah but also misuses magic. Jafar puts on the line many lives just to achieve his dream. He also tries to kill Aladdin when he is considered a better person marry Jasmine. He is also seen to be very cruel to his obedient servant/pet Lago.

Mother Gothel from Tangled:

Mother Gothel from Tangled:
Mother Gothel is one evil person as she kidnaps a baby princess just so that she can use her magic powers to get anti aging skin. She keeps the princess isolated in a very tall tower in the middle of nowhere. Rapunzel is never allowed to leave the tower and is never answered why she should not go to see the lanterns. Gothel also tries to kill Flynn to get Rapunzel back.


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