For many years, the never ending use of the never stopping technological advancements has helped improve animation. From using the phenakistoscope disk to the modern day techniques, animation has evolved from two to three dimensional formats. This been achieved by the hard work and creativity of many production companies and their highly creative teams over the years.
Disney was established in the 1920s and in its early years only it managed to become one of the major and widely known movie power-house. The mission of the company was and still is to use the latest technology and amazing content to make the best of pictures. Disney’s creative and innovative ideas and highly skilled and creative teams have never failed to impress the viewers. Since then Are Disney Movies Giving Girls Higher Standards On Where To Find Love?has also managed to be one of the most money making production companies.
Sixty years later, Pixar started establishing in the 1980s when George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, hired a couple of computer scientists to add various effects to his movies. He hired Ed Catmull and Alvy Ray Smith at the Lucasfilm’s Computer Division who later became the co-founders of Pixar.

Ed Catmull Disney
If any company was close to Pixar, it was Disney and that is exactly why it was the first to acquire Pixar. Both the companies were amazing in their own ways but both lacked something what the other one had. You can imagine what happened next. Both the companies formed a partnership but a very complicated one. While Disney could benefit from the highly advanced computer systems and graphic designers at Pixar, Pixar could use Disney’s wide distribution network and huge bank statements.

Alvy Ray Smith:

Alvy Ray Smith
When both companies worked together, they came up not just with amazing movies but highly advanced animation which could help you catch each and every detail with realistic sounds. Animation then was one hell of complicated thing to learn. However, using the most advanced cameras and computers available at that time, Disney and Pixar, in the year 1995, released the World’s first computer animated feature film on the 22nd of the November which made people go mad over it.

Pixar disney

Grossing over $550 million, the movie not only impressed children, teens, adults but also the biggest movie makers of the world. With such a huge success, both the companies decided to keep working together. However, the two companies also kept working separately at the same time too.
Using the Computer Graphics (CG) animation has never stopped getting better and better. Nowadays, we get to see animated sequels and some in3-D. Even the older animated feature films can be watched in 3-D now. The world of animation has always been progressing and improving itself using different techniques, skilled teams and highly advanced gadgets to impress the audience in ways we cannot imagine. The talent, creativity and possibilities are endless in this world and I, being a fan of animation, never miss a new movie, whether it’s a sequel or a remake.



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