Media Violence has been increasing day by day. Whenever we switch on our TVs to watch news, we get to see violence of all kinds. Nearly two-thirds of TV programs show violence of different types. Not only the TV channels show violence but video games and even movies have become much more violent and graphic nowadays. And parents are trying their best to keep their children away from such things so that they do not turn into aggressive people as they grow up. But is that really possible? I do not think so almost all the movies show at least some kind of violence and most the video famous video games contain violent content like shooting, killing, mugging etc.
Many studies have been carried out to find out if media violence actually causes aggressive and rude behavior in children and adults. In Colorado, psychology experts and professors debated on the Columbine High School killing case where 2 teenage boys murdered their 12 classmates along with their teacher while 21 others were badly injured. The boys, after causing the massacre, killed themselves. The case study shows that those boys were too much into violent video games and had their lives deeply affected by the violent content and story lines in the games. Some blame their habit of playing video games the whole day for the massacre while some claim that they had other psychological issues.
Point being the fact is that it is still not very clear if violent media really causes people to get totally aggressive and lose their minds or not. However, if children are exposed to violence media in their formative years, they might be immensely affected as they are more likely to absorb such things hence developing an aggressive behavior. This can also make children short tempered.
To take a break from today’s fast life, most boys tend to play games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto which not only allows you to be very violent in the game by giving you the freedom to do whatever you want but also gives you rewards for doing such things. Some experts, on the hand, argue that such games do not increase aggression but in fact helps release the frustration and stress while making your reflexes better.
The violence we see on media everyday on the news affects us in many ways. Since news and documentaries show us real life violence, we tend to become depressed and frustrated. This kind of violence is very different from the one we see in games and movies so the effect of this violence is different too. Many studies have found media violence to be threatening.
A study conducted by experts at The Virginia Tech Research Division showed a group of students various non-violent movies followed by some very violent movies and then proved that violent movies do affect our lives as just after the violent video clips were shown, an increase in hostile behavior was observed.


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