Disney has a lot of princesses coming from both original Disney productions and Pixar and Disney’s productions. Many princesses are loved till date while some were long forgotten. This is because of many reasons. Following are some of most famous and forgotten princesses.


Cinderella Disney princesses

Cinderella is one of most popular and iconic Disney princesses. Cinderella is one strong person who manages to maintain a very positive behavior. Cinderella is not just nice but also very kind, gentle and sweet. She even accepts her evil stepsisters and stepmother and their rude behavior. When it comes to beauty, Cinderella has a lot of it. The attractive and pretty face is as innocent as you can imagine.
She endures many years of both physical and verbal abuse from her family who never seemed to like her. However, she is one role model for many people as she teaches us that even after going through a lot of stress, pressure, abusing and what not, you can still manage to wear a good smile and have faith in yourself. This act will surely help you achieve your life goals.

cinderella disney princesses
Cinderella is even Walt Disney’s favorite princess and even her castle is made the logo of Disney. Not only she is a perfect person and everything a princess should be, she also has a very happening love story.
Another famous Disney princess is Ariel. She is shown to be a bit different others. Her attitude does not allow her to accept things as they are and bravely takes action to correct things. Unlike other Disney movies where the prince comes to rescue the princess, Ariel saves the prince from drowning.

Ariel disney princesses

Ariel’s beautiful red hair, blue eyes and amazing voice make her one of the most desired princesses.


Interested in reading books gaining knowledge, Belle is a very different princess. She spends less time on make-up and does not easily fall in love. She looks more for inner beauty in people and that is exactly why she ends up marrying a kind hearted beast. She never fell for handsome, attractive jerk. She never had the greed to marry a rich, handsome prince and her amazing personality got her something much better and beautiful.


Kida is one of the forgotten Disney princesses. As she was a princess by birth, she has more right to be one than many other so-called princesses. Unlike other Disney princesses, Kida did not focus more on her love life and beauty. Instead she became like her father – a fierce and brave warrior who did not sing songs for weird reasons. She was a very different princess as she did not have any magical power, instead she had tattoos. This princess warrior deserves to be remembered and respected much more than some other Disney princesses.


Eilonwy disney princesses
Eilonwy is the most forgotten Disney princess. The Black Cauldron’s release might be one of the problems why people did not give her the attention she deserved. She possesses almost all the qualities any princess should possess. However, you can still grab a DVD and watch the amazing movie.


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