The Star Wars universe has been changed a lot as the latest part, Rogue One, brought many changes and new things. Based on the Rogue One Novelization, the movie depicts exactly the same story line and concept with same the same dialogues.

If you are a die-hard fan of the Star Wars series, you still might have not noticed the hidden secrets in the latest part, Rogue One. There are many facts that many Star Wars followers are not aware of. This article, however, will tell you some of those facts and secrets so get ready be left in awe.

The Original Title

los alamos

Star Wars Rogue One was to be named Star Wars Los Alamos in the first place but due to reasons unknown this did not happen. Some say that since the inspiration was taken from the Rogue One Novelization the title should be made somewhat similar. The story modifications were done by the Visual effects artist, John Knoll who proposed it to the other directors.

An Oscar First

star wars oscar

When the movie was nominated for an Oscar, it became the first Star Wars movie, which was called by its sub-title. In addition, there were many scenes, which were not included in the final movie. One of these was when a cameo was filmed as a Rebel pilot by a scriptwriter, Gary Whitta.

The Time Period

Star Wars anthology film

Since Rogue One is a Star Wars anthology film, it is supposed to be considered before the Star Wars: A New Hope. “The Ghost”, as all Star Wars fans know, is a ship, which was showed in the Star Wars TV show, Rebels. What is so interesting about this ship is even if you know the whole story, you might not know that this is first leap from the TV show which lead to the making of Star Wars and which continued until the last film.

Garry Whitta wrote the title of the movie on his Twitter account long before the production even started and no one could figure out if a movie with that same title is going to be one of the best Star Wars movies ever.  The sound effects and music were composed by Michael Giacchino.  If you have watched Star Wars: Rogue One, you must be familiar with the character ‘Saw Gerrera’. This character, played by Forrest Whitaker (an Oscar winner), was first featured in the Clone Wars – also a Star Wars TV show.

Actor Defines Character


Chirrut Imwe was a blind character. He was made blind when the actor who played the role, Donnie Yen, came up with the idea, which luckily was accepted by the director, Gareth Edwards. Yen later, thanking his children, told that was only convinced by his children to play the role otherwise he would not have accepted it. Gareth Edward even played a small but important role. If you notice, he is the one who frees the ship allowing it to escape Darth Vader. In addition, some petrol-head Star Wars fans must have noticed that the Hammerhead Corvette used in the battle of Scarif was also seen in Star Wars: Rebel.


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