Beauty and The Beast:

Beauty and The Beast is Disney’s lavishly recreated movie based on the original animated movie released in 1991. If you are a fan of Beauty and The Beast and have watched both the movies – the original and the remake – you must have noticed that the story line has not changed and almost everything is kept the same. Since the original animated movie was supposed to target children, the concept was set accordingly.

The Amazing Cast

Beauty and The Beast Amazing Cast

The newcomer features Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston and Kevin Kline as Maurice (Belle’s father) while the voice cast includes Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen and Evan McGregor. What has been most loved about this remake is that it shows exactly what a cartoon is supposed to show and that it amazingly motivated, enthusiastic and even evil characters and some weird stuff too like talking saucers. Most of the scenes in the movie are exactly the ones in the original movie hence allowing fans to relive memories.

The Nostalgia

The Nostalgia Beauty and The Beast

Just like the original one, the remake shows Belle comes from a dull town exactly like those in older cartoon movies while a former prince, the beast, lives in his huge castle and has been cursed and turned into a beast while the curse can only be broken when the beast finds true love. However, with such a scary face, beast loses hope and becomes frustrated. Most of his time is spent cursing his misfortune and imprisoning intruders. On the other hand, Emma Watson lavishly plays Belle’s character. With so natural acting, the audience is simply indulged in the movie. Belle is shown to be a fine young lady who is not just very beautiful but is also very intelligent and smart.


Gaston Beauty and The Beast

Gaston, one of the most interesting characters in the movie, is one young man who is tall, handsome, and rich but a total jerk. Gaston’s character is beautifully played by Luke Evans and has been a bit more focused on. This also shows more about Gaston’s life and even clearer picture of Gaston’s personality. Gaston like’s Belle and wants to marry her while Belle sees the beast’s kind nature and falls in love with him when she goes to get her father freed from the beast. She does not fall for the money or the huge castle but for beast’s inner beauty while beast is amazed how a young girl is willing to accept him. This movie is not just a very successful and interesting remake but also repeats the message that was given in the original version back in 1991.

Great Adaptation

Beauty and The Beast

The movie has been successfully a magnificent one as it brings the cartoon to life. In addition, no I am not talking about just the characters but also the places. Every Disney fan has found this remake brilliant. The voice cast has amazing done its job too. The realistic version has also made it possible to focus more on other supporting characters and this is one of the main reasons why Beauty and The Beast is considered a great movie for Disney fans and relatively good movie for the rest. The way the characters’ motivations and desires have been depicted is also very interesting to watch.


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