Deadpool is an American superhero movie released in 2016. This movie is a blend of action, science & fiction and comedy. Primarily, Deadpool is a fictional character who has appeared in comic books that are published by Marvel Comics. Deadpool was directed by Tim Miller but there would be a different director for Deadpool 2. The overall budget of this movie was $58 million and it did a business of over $750 million, which is quite a massive number. The main cast of this movie is Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand and Ed Skrein.

The role of Deadpool in this movie has been played by the talented Ryan Reynolds who in the past has played the same role in the X-Men series. It has been liked by many people and they have given positive reviews about the movie. I believe that credit should be given to the marketing team of Deadpool as they marketed their product perfectly and created a perfect image in the minds of people.

An Overview of Deadpool


This movie is when Deadpool had to go through a surgery as he was suffering from cancer and it reacted and the surgery was unsuccessful. The hand of Deadpool was cut and his face burnt which caused him problems in his life. His girlfriend was not willing to meet him but it was a happy ending when they both met and she accepted him. The overall concept and storyline was fantastic.

This movie has also been a success as the others published by Marvel comics. The popularity of the Deadpool has given birth to its sequel that is Deadpool 2. It would be released in 2018 but the trailer is out. It is a bit unclear and it can be speculated that something really big is coming and people are eagerly waiting for it to get released. The shooting of this movie will start in 2017.

The Deadpool 2 Trailer

The Deadpool 2 Trailer

The trailer started when a man was getting groceries for his wife and he was shot dead. The reason why he was shot was quite dreadful as the person who shot him was a thief and he was demanding his valuables but he denied and was shot. Ryan Reynolds watches all this and goes into a telephone booth to change his costume and was willing to help that old man. But unfortunately he was not able to help and by the time he came back the man was brutally shot.

The reviews from people have been fair, some of them have liked the trailer and some have not. This movie will also be a great success like its last part. I believe that this movie will break all records and it would be the best one produced in over a decade. The producers and directors of this film are thinking of making some minor changes in the sequel of Deadpool 2 that will make it more interesting and worth watching.


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