The Green Power Ranger

The Green Power Ranger

The reboot to the Power Rangers franchise has had a good start at the box office when the movie got release on 24 March 2017. The Power Ranger movies and TV series has never failed to entertain us back in the 90s. Most people from the 90s have grown up watching many famous cartoons and TV shows with Power Rangers being one of their favorites. However, there was a very long break since the last time Power Ranger came to the big screen. However, luckily for all the Power Rangers fans out there, there are at least five more parts planned out, as revealed by Lionsgate.

The Green Power Ranger

As Power Rangers is reborn, there is a good opportunity to extend the story by using different elements and even characters from the older version as this would not only help the story line get interesting but will also allow the fans to relive some amazing memories as long forgotten characters would surprise them on the big screen.

The Post-Credit Scene

The Post-Credit Scene

The latest Power Rangers movie did use an element from the last part where in the post credits scene the Power Rangers go back to their Saturday detention and find an empty seat with a green jacket hanging on it. The teacher then calls the name “Tommy Oliver” and before anyone shows up, the movie ends. This left the fans wondering why did Tommy Oliver come back or is it really going to be the same Tommy Oliver from the previous parts. This made the audience especially the fans too curious.

Tommy Oliver, male, was the Green Ranger in the original TV series who later became the White Ranger. Before making this movie, there were many discussions between the directors and the acting cast as who should be the Green Ranger. They were also trying to introduce a female Power Ranger that will balance the team as then there would be three male and three female Power Rangers.

Why Female?

The Red Ranger, Montgomery, said that he would personally like a female playing the part of Tommy. While Tommy might seem to be a weird name for a girl, it was decided that it would be presented as a nickname. Tommy Oliver was first shown to be against the other five Power Rangers but later joined their team. The Green Ranger was not just green but also evil as brainwashed by Rita Repulsa. However, Rita’s spell was broken and the Green Ranger started fighting for good.

However, in the new movie it is revealed that it was not Tommy Oliver who was the Green Ranger but it was Rita herself. The story gets a lot twisted in the new part modifying the previously shown storylines.

The female Green Ranger not only restores gender balance in the Power Rangers team but also shows how a well-trained and brave girl can fight the scariest of villains all by herself. While giving a very good message to the audience, it also acts a root to a new and even more twisted story.


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