Growing up watching Superhero movies, we developed a certain image in our minds about the costumes, duties, super powers and the past of the many superheroes. Not only we liked them but we loved them and wore similar costumes as kids and play with the Marvel figures. We could not thank Marvel enough then. Never thought at one point in time we would stop liking the Marvel Superhero movies. However, this is simply because we have no other option and many reasons.

The Spoilers

The Spoilers

Take my example for instance. I am not a butt-hurt DC fan neither I have ever disliked superheroes and still do not wish to watch Marvel movies now. The first and most important thing that has made me dislike Marvel movies is the spoilers and I will tell you why I hate Marvel’s movie spoilers. Months before a Marvel movie is launched, people lose their minds over the first official trailers. The hype tends to decrease until the release dates is near.

This is when the hype is at its maximum point. You hear people talk about the upcoming movie and how amazing it is and how they are eagerly waiting for it and you simply agree with them. Worst part? Nobody knows the reason why the movie is going to be “awesome”.

Every Movie is the Same


Then once the movie is released, following the trend or going with the flow, you go to the cinema after getting your pre-booked tickets. Now what? Most of the time in Marvel movies, the story is either the exact same and looks like a remake, or completely different. In both cases, a 90s boy like me gets irritated. If the story had to be the same, why did I even come? If the superhero has his (once) dead mom giving him support, what is happening?

Excessive Violence

Excessive Violence

What is an action movie without an interesting story line? A waste of time and money I would say. The newer Marvel movies involve too much violence and more than half of the movie shows fighting scenes with heavy sounds. The focus of these movies has now gone to the details – the costumes, looks, out-of-the world machines etc – instead of the story line. You know there would be a heck load of fight scenes with disturbing gunfire and explosion sounds when you go to watch a Marvel movie.

The only thing I like about the Marvel movies is that the newer ones allow us to experience an amazing piece of filming which involved high tech cameras, audio recorders and a remarkable use of Computer Generated Images (CGI). This allows the audience to indulge in the movie even if it is irrelevant. Well one thing that I literally hate is that same people who were too excited about the movie and managed to convince to go to the cinema with them would post negative reviews about the movie on social media after watching the movie and would still be ready to go for another Marvel movie.


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