Marvel’s Iron Fist is a television series created by Netflix. It was released on the 17th of May and has one season till now with 13 episodes. The show began with Finn Jones (Danny Rand) returning to New York City presuming he was dead, to regain his family business and children. As a threat emerges, Danny has to choose between the legacy of his family and his duty as the Iron Fist. The cast includes Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Henwick, Sacha Dhawan, Rosario Dawson, David Wenham and Jessica Stroup.

I believe this serial is unique but the critics did not get what this show was trying to do. The show has faced a lot of unfavorable reviews which is a matter of concern. Although the show has momentum and originality but still the critics have marked it as lethargic. I think all the episodes were in the correct order. All the action scenes in the show are beyond incredible and will definitely take your breath away.

Reasons for the Criticism

Some people doubt that the actors who have acted for different scenes are not fit for their job and they have an issue with the cast of this show, as they say that there are some places where Danny has shown lack of experience. It has been said that the show’s leading actor has done none of his own stunts and everything is copied, which has negatively impacted the show. If you look for my opinion, I would say a big no as everything is perfect and personally I am a fan of Finn Jones and I like each role played by him.

It’s Not Boring

Some people may find this series boring as it is a bit different from the serials produced by Marvel in the past. I think this is a pure and perfect example of a series based on a comic book. This has been the major reason that most viewers have been confused and they did not get the show. It is obvious that different people have different opinions, so it is impossible that everyone likes everything.

The political conditions have been blamed for the criticism of this show, which is a strong argument because they have stated the coming of Trump into power has bought negativities in the minds of people. This is not true as this serial was conceived before Trump came to power. There has not been a boycott in the liking of the white male superheroes. There have always been heroes who have similar stories as that of Danny Rand who are growing pretty nicely in the industry.

Final Verdict

What I would say is that these TV shows or even movies are not made to be criticized. They are made to fulfill the needs of the viewers and for the fans to watch their favorite programs and childhood comic book characters. Therefore, as a broader aspect I believe this show should not have been criticized as must as it has been and it is phenomenal and it is strange the critics do not get it.


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