Botox customer, 58, was ‘left looking 50 years older’ after injection


A ‘bogus’ cosmetic surgeon gave Botox customers injections filled with beef gelatine which left one looking 50 years older, a court heard today.

Marcelle King, 62, Jozette Sheppard, 46, and Carol Kingscott, 57, suffered an extreme reaction that caused long-lasting damage after being treated by Ozan Melin.

Shocking images of three women’s faces left so swollen they could barely see after he allegedly carried out fake Botox treatment on them.

Mrs King, from Poole, Dorset, had to go to A&E after suffering from anaphylactic shock while Mrs Sheppard was unable to eat or speak properly for six months.

Marcelle King before the treatment
Mrs King after the treatment

Jurors were shown photographs of Marcelle King after she received the Botox treatment.

Jozette Sheppard before the treatment

Mrs Sheppard after the Botox

Jozette Sheppard (pictured before the treatment), said she was left unable to ‘eat, speak or smile’ for six months after having the Botox.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard Botox solutions recovered from Melin’s assistant Lisa Bolster’s house contained ‘beef gelatine’.

Forensic plastic surgeon Colin Rayner, who analysed the treatment the women received, told the jury he believed they had been injected with a noxious and extremely dangerous substance.

He said a beef product similar to that used to make jelly which is potentially allergenic when injected and should not be used in Botox, was found in vials seized from Bolster’s home.

And the allergic reactions the three women suffered were ‘potentially life threatening’.

Source: DailyMail


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